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2.4G walkie talkie features

Edit:   Browse:135  Date:2022-02-11

1. High performance, small size, low price, full duplex, all digital, two-way handsfree

2. Working frequency: 2.4g/m/m/mhz

3. Working voltage: 3.0 ~ 5.0V, with charging management and low voltage prompt function

4. Working current: depending on the transmission power (20dbm transmission power TX: Max Ma Rx: Max 50masleep: 3ua)

5. programmable transmit power of 0 to 30dBm to achieve simultaneous interpreting of different transmission distances (10m to m).

6. Digital full duplex voice intercom, digital echo elimination and automatic squelch function

7. 16 bit 16 bit audio sampling specification for mono voice communication

8. Differential mic audio input headphone drive output audio signal-to-noise ratio 90 dB

9. Support voice data transmission and UART data interface

10. Support 1-to-1 mode and 1-to-N mode multi-pass mode (8 more)
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